The Blame Game: Illegal Immigration & the Separation of Families

A few years ago, I became a black conservative. To tell you the truth, I didn’t realize how much my thought process had changed until after the fact. But that’s another subject for a different day.

Although my thought process changed, my relationships in the black community hasn’t. Most of my personal family, church family and friends/associates are democrats. I am still friends with local officials and leaders I’ve always worked with in the past. So you can imagine how much of a democrat view I am exposed to and I’m not talking about media clips. These are real people who share every argument and every emotion they feel, unfiltered. You don’t get this from television. This type of rawness comes from relationships. Not a pundit making up stuff or feeding you a line you want to hear. Yeah, that was my shameless tidbit on why black conservatives need to stay connected. But I digress, let me get to the subject matter; illegal immigration and the separation of families.

This whole situation is caused by the illegal parents. They aren’t stupid and they are aware of our laws. Our government isn’t responsible for the decisions they willingly made to break the law and put their children at risk. Why would you do that? And why would you expect our government to be responsible for separating your family when it was you who willingly, knowingly took that risk? We aren’t the blame. The government isn’t the blame, you are. So I find it incredibly difficult to accept the emotional manipulative logic that it’s somehow our fault your family is being separated. Mind you, this has been happening for years under several administrations. So don’t act like we’re not for families, that’s very manipulative to take that approach.

If you want families to stay together, then either they all leave together or don’t break our laws in the first place. I agree with President Trump that the laws should be changed. Past presidents wasn’t able to do it, maybe he can get it done. We’ll see but frankly, I think the Democrats would rather use it as a campaign issue than to fix the problem. I might be wrong but I’ve lived long enough and have seen enough to believe it’s probably true.

Whatever happens when illegal immigrants are caught is their own fault… not ICE, the president or the republicans. If I committed a crime and had my children with me, I’d be arrested. Department of Children and Families would take my kids away from me. If you must blame someone, place the blame rightfully. That emotional manipulation stuff does nothing for me. I actually take offense to it. People should be held accountable for their own actions.


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