Temia’s Tidbits: Marco Rubio would be a great VP pick, but not for a failed 3rd Party run

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

First it was, “well Rubio didn’t really drop out, he just suspended his campaign. He can unsuspend and still have a shot at the GOP nomination.” Then it was, ” well maybe he can be nominated on the floor at the RNC convention if Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot.” After that it was, “well he’s honorable for keeping his pledge, but he really didn’t mean it.” Now it’s, “well he may not be able to run third party because of the sore loser laws, but he can go third party as VP.” The amount of effort these people put into nursing their state of denial is quite entertaining, yet sad to watch.

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Pointing out the progressive change in thought pattern is essential to understanding why a handful of Rubio supporters aren’t in touch with reality these days. Keep in mind it’s only a few of them (about a third) of Rubio supporters which is why he couldn’t pull out a win against Donald Trump in the first place. They aren’t the majority, although they plot, plan, dream and scheme as if they are.

Not wanting Rubio to work with Trump is one thing, but advocating that he participate in a third party challenge is selfish on the part of his supporters. They are only thinking about their Anti-Trump movement and could care less about how Rubio will be viewed in the aftermath. To put it plainly, it’s a death sentence to his legacy and career. A third party run will be a total failure at winning the Presidency, and a complete success at stopping Trump and electing Hillary Clinton. Rubio will have pleased only a fraction of his supporters who couldn’t win the election for him anyway. However, as previously indicated by Townhall, the rest of the Republican electorate have already shown him with the gang of eight that they won’t forget mishaps by the Senator. They certainly won’t support him in the future if he participates in this third party nonsense. He will go down in history as the loser Republican candidate that helped to elect Hillary Clinton. In an interview on Face the Nation, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus stated that not only will a third party run throw away eight years to a Clinton presidency, but will also be “throwing up potentially generations on the Supreme Court.”

Watch below, via Face the Nation:

If this is his supporters’ idea of what it means to help him, Rubio should say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” This kind of selfishness won’t help Rubio in the election and it won’t help him in the future. But again, they aren’t really trying to help Rubio. They only want to use Rubio and his name to help achieve their selfish agenda; stopping Trump. The self-serving agenda is the true focus of these NeverTrump/Rubio supporters. Rubio and his name is only the vehicle and pawn they are using to get there.

Marco Rubio has pledged to support the nominee and there are serious consequences to breaking that pledge. But given the incredible pushback of deniers, it may be too much to ask them to respect his decision to honor the pledge and follow his lead. Clearly, these aren’t loyal supporters of Rubio inasmuch as they are loyal to being NeverTrump. That being said, they can at least do Rubio a favor by keeping his name out of their NeverTrump mouth’s and keep his head off the third party chopping block.

Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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