Temia’s Tidbits: Is Sean Hannity ‘Pushing A Narrative’ or Educating Voters?

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

It’s sad to see blogs such as The Right Scoop put out lies on others in the media simply because they disagree with them, especially when they are supposedly on the same side. The republican leaning blog has such a negative perspective on Fox News Sean Hannity and publish hate pieces about him on a regular basis. But a recent piece, Unbelievable – Hannity STILL TRIES to push ‘rigged election’ Trump narrative to Ted Cruz, went a bit too far and the record should be set straight as to the flawed premise it was written on.

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Hannity interviewed Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina in front of a live audience in Indiana. During the interview, he asked Cruz to explain what the rules are and how the process works concerning electing the Republican nominee. Hannity also asked the audience if they understood the process. As explained in a previous article, Hannity Slams Cruz over Question on Delegates: ‘You Gotta Stop!’, this is an audience based question. For the Right Scoop to label it as a ‘Trump-narrative question’ shows how elementary they’ve become. Although Cruz supporters in the live audience indicated that they understand how the process work as it pertains to delegates, Hannity’s television audience is comprised of a mixed group of voters. His audience consists of not only Cruz supporters; but they’re voters who like Trump, Kasich and others. They are Democrats and Independents too. To suggest that Hannity ask questions that only appeals to Cruz supporters is absurd and only an amateur would expect such an interview.

According to the RNC rules, Trump has to earn the required 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. This is widely known; however, many registered voters lack the knowledge beyond that and have no idea of what the entire process entails. Many are confused about the role of delegates and therefore, they have unanswered questions. For example, how are delegates selected? Who gets on the Rules Committee, the Credentials Committee, etc.? When do the committees meet and what capabilities do they have? Who can actually be nominated on the floor at the convention? What happens when the nomination begins on the 1st ballot, 2nd and so forth? Are delegates allowed to switch their vote? These are all questions voters have and Hannity has taken the role of educating his audience of the process. This is not pushing a narrative or taking sides. It’s educating one’s audience, which is what the Right Scoop should be doing instead of sowing seeds of hate within their own party. If they simply don’t know the process themselves, maybe they should study Hannity more instead of taking jabs. They might just learn something.

Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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