Temia’s Tidbits: Candidates Should Honor Their Word, as Broken Pledges Have Consequences

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

Defeat. Complete and utter defeat.

That’s what deniers are dealing with right now; the emotional and psychological trama of facing the reality of defeat. For deniers, there’s a process that begins after having gone through a rough campaign. Putting their heart, mind and soul into a campaign to discover the rest of the world doesn’t agree with them, is a hard thing to accept. First, there’s acceptance that their candidate could no longer continue in the race. Then there’s a measure of depression, a grain of denial and finally a state of delusion. Unfortunately, this is where the NeverTrump people seem to want to live out the rest of their days.

The two main factions of the NeverTrump group are Cruz and Rubio Supporters. Their overall argument is that to negotiate with Trump is the same as compromising their principles and that it may also ruin their candidate’s future chances at the presidency. However, this argument is totally opposite of what will occur if they continue down this contentious path. Last week, it was explained how it would be better for Rubio and better for the country to work with the nominee and get their agenda done, rather than throw the election to Hillary Clinton. It’s understandable there’s a temptation to use Hillary as an excuse to avoid working with Trump and wanting to use the Clinton years to regroup. But this kind of emotional thinking is foolish and reckless in the sense that they are underestimating the amount of damage Hillary will be able to do to the point that there may not be a Republican party in the White House thereafter. The regrouping will be a moot point by the time Hillary is done with her agenda. Neither Rubio nor Cruz will have a chance at the presidency and all will be lost. This hard-line stance is a fast path to nowhere.

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Republicans stating that they won’t support Trump and will skip the RNC convention in protest have made their decision. But for those who were candidates and have used RNC resources, there are consequences that should be taken into consideration. As we have seen what can happen when Trump made a frivilous threat earlier, delegates can be removed and re-allocated when candidates break their pledge (source: Time). Candidates may also be denied support from the RNC if they decide to run for not only the presidential office, but for any other position in the future. In addition, the board of the RNC have the option to sue candidates for breach of contract, as they have used party resources without fully complying with their agreement. As reported by TheHill, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus seems prepared to make sure the agreements are upheld.

Priebus signaled Thursday night that party officials would attempt to hold the candidates to the pledge, pointing to a data agreement to which he said the candidates had agreed.

“They’re not going to get the data and the tools of the RNC — and run to be our nominee — and tell me that they’re not going to support the party,” Priebus said on Fox. “It doesn’t work that way. They’re running to be the nominee of our party.”

Although Preibus has the upper hand, this is a road that can be avoided. Of course, those who didn’t win are inclined to publicly vent and might not be willing to sing Kumbaya right now. But hopefully over time, cooler heads will prevail.

The Republican party should come together. But there are deep divisions within the party so it may be a stretch to ask everyone to unite. According to CNN, even after they’ve suspended their campaign, the Cruz camp continue to throw Rubio under the bus by blaming him for not agreeing to be Cruz’ running mate. Essentially saying it’s Rubio’s fault they were unable to stop Trump.  This is all the more reason why Rubio should make a deal with Trump. But I digress…

Regardless of who is stabbing whom in the back, the entire party need to come together. Coming together doesn’t necessarily mean to ‘unite’ behind Trump. One can compromise with someone without having to agree on every single issue. Rubio and others will have a much brighter future with a successful Trump presidency. Quite frankly, it’s in all of our best interest to make this work. Not all who didn’t vote for Trump are NeverTrump people. There are some who feel that it’s better to work with him than have Hillary Clinton as president.

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