Temia’s Tidbits: I Choose Conservatism

As many of you may know, due to a split in the National Action Network organization, I resigned from under Rev. Al Sharpton. After much prayer, fasting and consulting with close friends, I decided to cut ties with Rev. Sharpton, as relationships within the organization began to deteriorate.

Over a period of two years, I converted to Conservatism via conservative talk radio hosts and others in the industry. As a result, my political views became more faith based. Although I always had my faith as a guide, my political views became based more on Christ, instead of race and economics. I’ve made a decision to put Christ above all. Instead of looking for the government to solve our problems, we should look to God as the solver of all things.

Eventually, I became a huge supporter of Marco Rubio. Although Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign, I participated in the launch of a grassroots effort to support Marco Rubio at the 2016 RNC Convention. You can follow our efforts at OnlyMarco.com


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