Temia’s Tidbits: Marco Rubio is still on the ballot in Rhode Island

On Sean Hannity’s radio show today, he indicated Trump will have a very good night this Tuesday. According to the latest polls, it’s expected for Trump to sweep all five states (CT, DE, MD, PA & RI) in tomorrow night’s Republican Presidential Primary. Trump has capitalized on his regained momentum after winning New York and it doesn’t appear his continued rhetoric has stiflled his chances of steamrolling full ahead. However, there’s a slim chance that a small surprise might take place tomorrow. Marco Rubio is on the ballot in Rhode Island and still has strong support in the State.




With the formal announcements of Cruz and Kasich forming a temporary alliance, strategic voting seems to be a trend this election. Subsequently, Rubio supporters may be thinking of their own strategy and cast their vote for the Senator. Those who have reluctantly decided to vote for Kasich or Cruz, may change their mind at the last minute once they see Rubio’s name on the ballot. But don’t expect any miracles. This is not an oasis in the middle of a desert moment. Yet, it will be interesting to see if Rubio would inadvertently pickup any delegates in Rhode Island and what would become of them. For a man who proactively took his name off the California ballot and left it on Rhode Island, it’s quite a mystery to fathom what he is up to.

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