Temia’s Tidbits: Donald Trump is Showing Signs of Poor Management

Donald Trump has a habit of mischaracterizing a situation when he’s been defeated in a caucus, primary or delegate selection. His latest string of tantrums has him spewing out untruths, to the point that one is not sure who the culprit is in Trump’s mind. This notion of [THEY] are trying to steal the nomination from him, is ridiculous. Depending on what mood Trump is in, THEY could mean the Establishment, Ted Cruz or the RNC. Your guess is as good as any because it’s not clear that Trump is clear on who THEY are himself.

Regardless of who THEY are, one thing is clear; no one is stealing the nomination from him because he hasn’t won it yet. You actually have to be in possession of something for it to have been stolen from you. This is not the case and Trump need to stop embarrassing himself by showcasing his ego and ignorance at the same time. Not only has he not reached the required 1,237 delegates, but he’s also losing support among the local party members who are the very people that select who fills the delegate slots. This is not ‘stealing’ as Trump puts it. Simply put, it’s a reflection of Trump’s poor management skills. Coming from a man who brags to have a practice of hiring ‘the best’, he’s demonstrating quite the opposite.

In terms of securing the nomination, his campaign is behind the eight ball by not doing their homework, missing state-by-state deadlines and not participating in local RNC functions that are necessary in building relationships to gain support in getting his backers to fill his own delegate slots. If this is any indication of how poorly managed a Trump administration will be, then it is well worth the time to go through the debacle of a contested convention. Yes, it may very well get ugly. But, Trump is already showing signs of poor management and the country can’t afford to go through another four years of incompetence.

Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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