Temia’s Tidbits: Roger Stone Should Be In Jail For Threatening Delegates

Petition to Ban Roger Stone from the RNC



Roger Stone is known for pulling some stunts back in the good old days, but his latest tactic is a new low. He’s organizing a protest of the RNC, which is his constitutional right. However, threatening delegates is not a right; it’s illegal. Please help us put an end to this nonsense and sign the petition below.


Dear Reince Priebus,

In a recent broadcast, Roger Stone openly threatened our GOP delegates. Blackmail is still a threat, even if it is nonviolent. So there’s no misunderstanding of what actually occurred, here’s a link to the broadcast. Listen to him threaten delegates in his own words.

Freedomain Radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzZgoTOb2Gg at time marker 47:00

Other sources:
1. Politico
2. American Thinker

Subsequently, we ask that you take the following steps to ensure the safety of each delegate.

⦁ Report this to local law enforcement. A protective order should be filed immediately.
⦁ Ban Roger Stone from the RNC Convention. Mr. Stone should not be allowed to come anyway near the delegates or participate in any function of the convention that may give him access to the delegates.
⦁ File a civil lawsuit. A clear message should sent that this type of behavior is not tolerated and the RNC does not condone the threatening and intimidation of delegates.

We hope these steps are taken to prevent the likes of Roger Stone from threatening delegates who have been given the important duty of electing the Republican Nominee. Their duties should not be compromised and we hold you accountable for ensuring these threats will cease and desist.


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