Veritas Investigation Exposes the Radical Left and their Terrorist Plot to Gas Trump inauguration

January 16, 2017 Rejoice Magazine Staff 0


In this video, Project Veritas investigators uncover a group known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration by deploying butyric acid at the National Press Club during the Deploraball event scheduled for January 19th.

The meeting, captured on hidden camera, was held at Comet Ping Pong, a DC pizza restaurant that is better known as the location of the Pizzagate controversy. The coalition members discuss the steps they would need to take to halt the Deploraball event. Project Veritas notified the FBI, Secret Service and DC Metro Police of the content of this video prior to its release.

James O’Keefe w/Sean Hannity; Reveals How Democrats Instigate Violence and Riots

October 18, 2016 Rejoice Magazine Staff 0

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas speaks with Sean Hannity about his undercover investigation into Astroturf/Potemkin politicking from Democrats and the broader left in collusion with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The left instigates violence and riots with professional communist agitators and purveys its faux narratives with politically aligned left-wing media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, ABC/CBS/NBC, The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, etc.