Sekulow: President Trump is Not Under Investigation

Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, appeared on the Sunday news shows to make clear the Washington Post story suggesting the President is under investigation is false. Sekulow emphasized the President's legal team has not been notified of any investigation. Additionally, a few days ago Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein warned Americans about taking anonymous sources at their word.

To be clear, the Washington Post theory doesn't make sense. The story seems to suggest the President is being investigated based on a premise the very person who recommended him to fire James Comey, also appointed Special Counsel to investigate Comey’s firing. Obviously, Rosenstein did not appoint Mueller to investigate a staff decision of which he recommended. To add, Mueller would have to notify the Department of Justice of any investigation, the scope of the investigation and periodic reports, (reference: US code 28 CFR 600.8). The entire logic of the Wahington Post story is irrational on it's face.

When Sekulow began to explain the President's tweet was pointing out how ridiculous the theory is, pundits (Chris Wallace, Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper) took the opportunity to play gotcha politics. Sekulow reiterated that the President’s tweet was in response to the Washington Post story and not a confirmation of being under investigation. Instead of acknowledging the Washington Post story as false and unsubstantiated, pundits claim Sekulow said the President was under investigation, when Sekulow was actually debunking the Washington Post story. Read tweets below, as left-wing pundits show evidence that most of mainstream media are intellectually challenged.


Jake Tapper on Twitter

@JaySekulow says “the president is not under investigation,” POTUS tweet “was in response to Washington Post” story #SOTU

State of the Union on Twitter

@JakeTapper to @JaySekulow : “so the President said he was under investigation, even though he isn’t?” #CNNSOTU


Bradd Jaffy on Twitter

The president has not been and is not under investigation,” Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow claims on @MeetThePress And/but:



Maggie Haberman on Twitter

Can’t remember another situation where advisers so frequently told reporters to ignore a pol’s words



John Podhoretz on Twitter

The reason Jay got so confused is that the word “investigate” has more than one syllable.

John Podhoretz on Twitter

I’ve been off Twitter, so tell me: Has that moron Jay Sekulow said anything new since noon to make me glad he converted from Judaism?


David Mack on Twitter

Wallace: You’ve now said he’ is being investigated after saying he wasn’t. Sekulow: No. Wallace: You JUST said he’s being investigated.

Kate Nocera on Twitter

i thought the tweets speak for themselves though

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