Sean Hannity Breaks Open a Can of Whoop A** on a Couple of #NeverTrump Journalists

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

Like most of the NeverTrump people, I too thought Trump was a little bombastic for my taste. Marco Rubio was my choice for the Presidency. However, my candidate didn’t win and like many others, I had to make a choice. Do I want to stubbornly stick to my principles and help elect Hillary Clinton just for my personal emotional comfort? Or do I support the GOP nominee, help defeat Hillary Clinton and take whatever good we can get by working with Trump? I chose the latter.

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Unfortunately, there’s so-called intelligent journalists who have made unintelligent decisions when it comes to “principles”. Given the failed attempt by Sen. Mike Lee at the RNC Convention, it seems there’s no shame in trying to cheat millions of people out of their vote. But hey, all in the name of “principles”, right. Although this movement was utterly defeated and Trump is now the official GOP nominee, there’s still this notion that voters should pay a price for choosing Trump. That price is Hillary Clinton winning the election in November.

Watch the interview below with Fareed Zakaria on CNN, as Wall Street Journal editor Bret Stephens embarrass himself by advocating a Clinton win because the almighty Stephens feel Trump supporters should learn their lesson.

To add more to Stephens’ embarrassment, he made the dumb mistake of picking a twitter fight with Fox News Host Sean Hannity.

Needless to say, Stephens opened Pandora’s box by inviting Hannity to proceed with a can of whoop a**.

Others tried to chime in on the twitter fight, which Hannity gave out his usual dose of medicine. He ignored them. However, there’s one other NeverTrump shill that got the special whoop a** treatment; Charles Cooke from National Review Online.

Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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