#NeverTrump, #OnlyMarco, #NeverHillary – Can We Get Rid Of The Hashtags And Just Be Real?

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

Last night’s Indiana primary was definitely a blow to the NeverTrump movement, as businessman Donald J. Trump won the State by a landslide and Senator Ted Cruz immediately suspended his campaign. Today we also learned that Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the presidential race, clearing the path for Trump to win the Republican nomination. I was hoping for Trump to fail and Rubio could somehow grab the nomination at the RNC convention. However, it’s clear that Trump will indeed reach the required number of delegates and become the nominee. Especially since he’s the only candidate left in the race. Now, I’m not a fan of Trump and I’ve written a few scathing opinion pieces about him. But at some point, you have to face reality.

To the NeverTrump people:
You are playing a very dangerous game. I wholeheartedly understand as to why you despise Trump because after all, he put on his camouflaged Republican suit and proceeded to infiltrate and highjack our Party. Having to watch our principles and core values go down the drain is not a good feeling. But this is not the end of Conservatism. This is not the end of our journey to change the course of the country. The end is a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Certain States are already in the process of making it easier for illegal aliens to vote. A Hillary presidency will bring this process out into the open across the country. The result will be an endless pool of illegal aliens who will find themselves forever grateful and indebted to the Democratic party for all of the “benefits” they will receive in this country. The Democrats will have a large and loyal base of foreigners. Whereas a Trump presidency will deter illegal aliens from breaking our laws and stop this trend of illegals voting. Although he’s not the conservative we were hoping for, we’ll have much more success in upholding our core values by working with him, than against him.

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To the OnlyMarco people:
NeverTrump is not the same as OnlyMarco. Marco Rubio has already signaled that he will support the Republican nominee. If you’re not willing to support the GOP nominee and Rubio will, then you are NeverTrump… not OnlyMarco. You need to take a moment and evaluate who you are and if you’re NeverTrump, then just be that and don’t use Marco’s name in disguise. If you support Marco, then support him fully. Your support shouldn’t be based on another individual if you have faith in Marco. I trust he will make the right decision for the country and for his family. Whatever decision he makes, whether it be to sit this out, go third party or support the nominee, I support him.

As stated before, we’ll be more successful by working with the nominee rather than against him. I would like to see Rubio as maybe Vice President or a cabinet member. We shouldn’t waste his good talent by waiting in the clouds for another four to eight years when he can work in a Republican administration doing outstanding work. To sit it out and wait until 2020 is not a wise option because if Hillary or Trump is president, 2020 will not be in play for Marco Rubio. Hillary will widen her base and Trump will more than likely be re-elected. Nonetheless, these are my hopes for the man who we’ve come to love so dearly. However, it is ultimately up to the God who sits up above and Mr. Rubio. This is not something we can control ourselves. I suggest we all take a break and lay down our weapons of warfare against each other. We’re only hurting ourselves.

Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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