Julian Assange Responds to CIA Report: “This is not an Intelligence Report, but a Press Release designed for Political Effect”

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Julian Assange held a press conference in response to the US Intelligence report which accused Russia of hacking. Assange indicated the summary is not an intelligence report, as it does not reflect the structure of a Presidential brief or any other detailed intelligence briefing. Instead, Assange asserts the US report is a press release, designed for political effect.

Assange went on to say the CIA report deliberately obscures the intentions and timeframes, which shows a politicization of the report.

On page two (2) of the report, it states, “We assess Russian intelligence services collected against the US primary campaigns, think tanks, and lobbying groups they viewed as likely to shape future US policies. In July 2015, Russian intelligence gained access to Democratic National Committee (DNC) networks and maintained that access until at least June 2016.”

However, Assange maintains emails published by Wikileaks were from an incident which occurred in Podesta’s emails in March 2016.

Assange reiterated that there’s no evidence provided in the CIA report. “The evidentiary weight [of the report] is literally zero, there is no evidence of any kind supplied,” said Assange.

You can read more about today’s press conference below.

WikiLeaks Holds Press Conference Responding to CIA Report on US Election

On Monday, WikiLeaks is holding its presser in response to the CIA report on the US Presidential election.

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