Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Unsubstantiated Claims of Christine Blasey Ford

Ok let’s open this can of worms. First off, let me say that I believe Christine Ford spoke her truth as she believes it to be. I believe something happened to her at some point in her life. Obviously she’s a troubled woman. Having said that, I don’t believe it was Judge Kavanaugh who assaulted her. He has calendar records showing he wasn’t anywhere near any such party and had planned events with his friends. Also, every witness which Ms. Ford claim was there, denied they were there and her own friend Ms. Keyser denied it and said she doesn’t know what Ford is talking about. Keyser also said she’ll tell the FBI the same thing.

I hear a lot of Democrats say Ford is credible. I beg to differ, she’s credible in that yes, something happened to her. But she’s not credible that it was Judge Kavanaugh and has no evidence of her claims.

Bottom line for me is credible or not, it’s wrong to destroy someone’s career without any evidence. That’s just wrong.

Your husband, brothers and sons could unfairly lose their jobs just because some nutjob made an accusation without any evidence. It can happen, this is what Dems are asking our society to do. It’s no longer innocent until proven guilty. If you’re ok with this then maybe it should happen to your husbands, brothers and sons. Why not, you seem to be fine with it.

Don’t take it personal, as I’m merely challenging you to think critically. You’ll never grow if you keep bowing down to the confines of group think.

For those of you who claim Judge Kavanaugh didn’t answer questions about his drinking or “blacking out”, he most certainly answered the questions and he wasn’t evasive. As to if he’s lying, CNN is drawing conclusions without any evidence. His friends said he dranked, he didn’t deny that. None of them said he blacked out, only that he dranked in excess. There’s no proof he ever blacked out but CNN somehow wants to say he’s lying. There’s no evidence of this. I watched the entire testimony.

This is why it’s so important to research the facts for yourself. Stop listening to propaganda from CNN. The only reason you reach uneducated conclusions is because you listen to 1 or 2 news outlets and think it’s accurate information. Do research for yourself. Pull up transcripts and don’t just watch the clips they put out. Pull up the entire interview so that you’ll have accurate information. Speaking of accurate information, here’s a portion of the transcript as reported in the Washington Examiner, of Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony in which he answered every question about his drinking.

On the first, Kavanaugh clearly told the Senate he drank in high school and college. He told the Senate he sometimes drank to excess. But he said he did not black out, nor did he drink so much that he could not remember events that took place while he was drinking.

“I drank beer with my friends,” Kavanaugh testified. “Almost everyone did. Sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. I liked beer. I still like beer. But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone.”

Read more at WashingtonExaminer.com


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