The Hypocrisy of Sen. Tim Kaine when it comes to Fake News

I find it highly hypocritical of Senator Kaine to get on this righteous crusade about fake news.

He didn’t seem concerned when his running mate, Hillary Clinton created the most egregious fake news of all time: Benghazi. Clinton gave a storyline of an internet video as the cause of the attack in Benghazi. This fake news circulated the news cycle before the American people learned the truth as to what really occurred.

Did Sen. Kaine call for an investigation into fake news? Did he call Hillary Clinton to tell her to “cut it out”? Did he hold a hearing on how to stop 800,000 shares of the Clinton fake news?

I question the sincerity of Sen. Kaine, as he appear to have selective outrage. When a person show a lack of concern about fake news from their own political party, but is suddenly concerned when the source is not aligned with their beliefs, I’d say that’s evidence the person is insincere.

Is Sen. Kaine truly concerned about fake news or is he concerned about who controls the narrative? My guess is the latter.

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Sen. Kaine talks about being the subject of fake news stories to intel chiefs presenting hacking case against Russia

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