Hannity Slams Cruz over Question on Delegates: ‘You Gotta Stop!’

By Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)

Fox News Host Sean Hannity has been accused of taking sides with Trump in his coverage of the Republican primary. However, evidence shows otherwise as his producer Lynda McLaughlin released data clearly indicating Senator Cruz as obtaining the most airtime from Hannity. Considering how much free media Cruz has collected, one would think he’d be appreciative. Yet it was on Hannity’s radio show yesterday that Cruz took an unfair swipe, accusing Hannity of taking sides with Trump after asking a fair question.

Hannity asked Cruz to explain the delegate process and his campaign’s role in acquiring delegates under the current rules of the RNC. Cruz said the only ones “asking this question are the hardcore Donald Trump supporters”. Quite frankly, his statement is partially true. Some Kasich supporters are confused as well; however, the bulk of questions are from Trump supporters. Nonetheless, whether it’s Trump supporters, Kasich supporters or undecided voters, they deserve an answer to the question.

Many new and recently energized voters who are suddenly paying attention this election, aren’t knowledgeable about the process. The fact that questions may have come from opposing views is irrelevant. Cruz is seeking to be the President of all Americans; not just the ones who agree with him. Taking a cheap shot at Trump by saying he’s whining is a good sound byte. But seems as if Cruz is doing a little whining himself when it comes to answering questions he doesn’t like.

Listen to the full exchange here:


Temia Brinson (@TemiaBrinson)
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