Keurig Faces Backlash After Pulling Ads from Hannity

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Talk radio and Fox News Host Sean Hannity covered the allegations against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, put forth in an article by the Washington Post. Hannity also conducted an interview with Judge Roy Moore on his radio show the following Friday. Many journalists applauded Hannity for asking several challenging questions and getting to the bottom of allegations against Moore. Listen to the full interview below and decide for yourself if this was a fair interview.

Despite Hannity’s fair interview, the Democratic leaning group Media Matters and others conducted a smear campaign against Hannity for simply asking questions and doing his job.

Ben Shapiro on Twitter

Hannity’s interview with Moore was tough, and he didn’t defend child molestation. The MMFA campaign is deeply disingenuous.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone contacted Keurig via social media to smear Hannity and requested they remove him from their advertising campaign. Less than 24 hours, someone at Keurig made the decision to remove ads from the Sean Hannity Show without getting any kind of feedback from Hannity. The situation could have been handled better. Keurig making an ill-advised decision based on a one-sided story is a sign of poor management. One of the industry’s best practices when addressing a complaint is to allow the other side an opportunity to respond.

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Subsequently, Hannity fans decided to boycott Keurig. Fans were outraged to discover a company who has been advertising their products to them (3+ million viewers) via the Sean Hannity Show, has made a decision based on a group who weren’t customers of their product. Keurig has sent a message to Hannity fans that they aren’t interested in having them as customers. See below how Hannity fans have responded;

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