Election Fraud: This Is How Elections Are Stolen

In this election cycle, people are speaking a lot about a possible stealing of an election via a brokered/contested convention. However, people have been stealing elections for decades. Let’s be clear. A brokered or contested convention in which a person is nominated by using the bylaws and rules of a political party is not stealing an election. Stealing an election is what has been happening in some of these primary races that has been underreported due to the clown show that happens on a daily basis. Election fraud has become a routine in certain parts of the country and it should be stopped. The main types of fraud that has occurred are absentee ballots, dead people, and illegal aliens voting. Education and diligence is key in stopping this from happening, as it will be worse in the general election.

In local races, one of the most common methods of election fraud is absentee ballots. Campaigns usually hire what is called a ‘ballot chaser’ in an effort to turnout the vote and take advantage of early voting. The problems is, there’s a correct way of going about chasing the ballot and an incorrect way. Campaigns may use workers or volunteers to call a list of voters to persuade or confirm they will vote for their candidate. Additionally, campaigns may participate in ballot collection, depending on state laws. However, unauthorized registration of absentee ballots, coercion and completing ballots on behalf of voters is fraud.  This type of election fraud happens more at the local level than national races.

Another type of election fraud is when dead people vote. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott purge the voter list every cycle in an effort to eliminate this type of fraud. Once the list has been purged of  the deceased, a letter goes out to confirm and catch an errors. Unfortunately, not every municipal official follow this procedure and campaigns, relatives or unknowns fraudulently vote on the deceased’s behalf. This happens more often than you think. According to HotAir.com, a Clinton campaign lawyer was linked to a ‘dead people voting scam’. In addition to that, right before the 2012 election cycle, NPR reported that 1.8 million dead people were still registered to vote. Depending on voter turnout and population, there might be more dead people voting than living.

Although some states are showing signs of making it easier for illegal aliens to vote, it is still fraud. Fox News reported the US Supreme Court ruled that Arizona cannot require voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote. In California, illegals who are granted driver licenses may be automatically registered to vote via the new Motor Voter Act, an oversight pointed out by the Washington Times. However, states have not been challenged when it comes to illegal aliens voting. According to federal law, non-citizens can’t vote. In fact, it’s illegal for them to register to vote in federal elections. This is why American territories can are allowed to vote in primaries but not in the actual presidential election. Reference:  “18 U.S.C. §611. – Voting by Aliens”. United States Congress.

There are two other types of election fraud that should be mentioned but doesn’t require a lot of explanation because of the chaotic circumstances. Election fraud occurs in caucuses and electronic voting machines but both situations are hard to regulate. In recent caucuses, there have been claims of precinct leaders not showing up and unauthorized people conducting vote counts. There’s also been claims of voter IDs not checked and people voting twice. Additionally, there’s been accounts where people claim the electronic voting machines were switching their votes to another candidate. Without some sort of a screenshot or paper trail, this is nearly impossible to prove. The only route is to have faith the local supervisor of elections is an honest person that will have extensive testing, investigate and correct the issue.

At the end of the day, election fraud occurs in various ways but can be kept to a minimum if people are vigilant. Absentee ballot fraud usually happens at the local level and can be dealt with the local authorities. Combatting dead people voting is a little more complicated, as it involves comparing deceased databases against the most recent voter registration lists. Depending of the state, illegal aliens who are voting can be challenged in court with sufficient evidence. Focus should not be on a legal process used when choosing a nominee at a brokered convention. Instead, people should direct attention to the various forms of election fraud that is occurring before their eyes. This is how elections are stolen.

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