African American Woman Supports Donald Trump

Smart & patriotic black woman and former Navy Officer (Peggy Hubbard) votes for Donald Trump, against lying Hillary Clinton & abusive Democratic Party. Why did she wait this long to make decision? Apparently, jihadist Hussein Obama’s putting his personal vacation above his official duty as U.S. President while Louisiana suffers the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, with more than 100,000 homes destroyed and 20,000 flood victims evacuated, and Crooked Hillary’s blaming Colin Powell for her classified email scandal were the last straws that broke the camel back for her, based on the specific examples given by Peggy, who also seems listening to Donald Trump’s recent speeches of Democratic Party’s corruption, municipal mismanagement, racial discrimination, deceptive tactics, and using blacks only as pawns for their votes- facts that were also discussed in depth in the recently released movie “Hillary’s America”.

Another of Peggy’s videos exposes the truth about Black Lives Matter (BLM) domestic terrorists can be seen here