Advertisers Shouldn’t Fall For The Smear Tactics Of Media Matters Against Hannity

As discussed last week, organizations such as Media Matters are carrying out a smear campaign against radio talk show and Fox News Host Sean Hannity. Advertisers aren’t aware that disingenuous complaints are being fueled by people who have a political agenda and have nothing to do with their products or customer satisfaction. However, thanks to loyal Hannity fans, some advertisers are being made aware of this smear campaign, as evidenced by a recent apology given by the CEO of Keurig.

As stated in a previous article, “Advertisers should not be bullied by organizers and conned into thinking a smear campaign will hurt their bottom line. The truth is, Hannity’s ratings (3+ million) is a much larger market for advertisers than a frivolous smear campaign. I can assure you, these groups aren’t reaching 3+ million households.” Advertisers are reminded of this fact and are becoming increasingly aware of this smear campaign.

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It’s because of this awareness that the President of Media Matters, Angelo Carusone is resorting to deceptive tactics such as an attempt to recruit CNN as an ally in his campaign to smear and censor Hannity.

Mark Dice on Twitter

CNN scum are now helping Media Matters plan to bully advertisers into pulling out of @seanhannity show.

Bill O’Reilly on Twitter

Media Matters and CNN teaming up to try and knock Sean Hannity off the air. Despicable and unAmerican. Freedom of speech again under fire.

This is a real attempt to censor Hannity and Fox News Channel. As Hannity stated, “A guy by the name of Angelo Carusone. He is the President of Media Matters for America. Now his anti-free speech, pro-censorship group is trying to silence every conservative voice in this Country.”

Watch the video below to fully understand the nature of this smear campaign by Media Matters.



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