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Rejoice Magazine is an online publisher of news, opinion and commentary. Our vision is to raise awareness of the Black Conservative message and increase visibility of Black Conservatives.
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Temia Brinson
President & CEO of Rejoice Magazine

Temia Brinson is the President and CEO of Rejoice Magazine. The online magazine focuses on the Black Conservative message and highlights the latest news, aggregated from multiple sources and attracts visitors daily on its website RejoiceMagazine.net. She is a radio personality and the former host of The Rejoice Magazine Radio Show, heard locally in Orlando, Florida on WOKB 1680AM and globally via rejoicemagazine.net, wokbradio.com, and Tune In Radio, tunein.com.

Ms. Brinson attended Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida and served as a member of the Bethune-Cookman Gospel Choir. Now, she currently serves as Minister of Music and Head Musician at Wootson Memorial Church Of God In Christ, where Elder Eullas Brinson, Jr. is the pastor, under the leadership of the Western Florida II Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Larry Perkins.

In addition to being a voice in the community, Ms. Brinson also has familiarity with corporate America. As a person having worked in the financial sector for the past 17 years, Ms. Brinson has experience in dealing with several government agencies such as State Attorney Generals, Members of Congress, State Regulatory Agencies, and the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She was a member of the Vote Out Loud committee, which is in partnership with Innovations Middle Charter School. Ms. Brinson also served as a member in the Black Caucus of the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee.

Strong Advocate for Fair Elections:

Former President of the National Action Network Orlando Chapter under the leadership of Rev. Al Sharpton:

Due to a split in the National Action Network organization, Ms. Brinson resigned from under Rev. Al Sharpton:

As many of you may know, due to a split in the National Action Network organization, I resigned from under Rev. Al Sharpton on March 8, 2014. After much prayer, fasting and consulting with close friends, I decided to cut ties with Rev. Sharpton, as relationships within the organization began to deteriorate.

Over a period of two years, I converted to Conservatism via conservative talk radio hosts such as my mentor Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, Wayne Dupree and others in the industry. As a result, my political views became more faith based. Although I always had my faith as a guide, my political views became based more on Christ, instead of race and economics. I’ve made a decision to put Christ above all. Instead of looking for the government to solve our problems, we should look to God as the solver of all things.

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Rejoice Magazine is an online publisher of news, opinion and commentary. ~Home of the Black Conservative~