Florida Gov. Rick Scott Appointing Fewer Black Judges Than Predecessors

(Credit: Tampa Bay Times)

TALLAHASSEE — After nearly four years, Gov. Rick Scott has appointed fewer African-Americans to Florida judgeships than either Charlie Crist or Jeb Bush did in the same period of time.

Scott has appointed nine black attorneys to judgeships in nearly four years, according to data from his office. They include reappointments of three judges who hear job-related injury claims and four county judges who decide small claims and traffic cases.

Only twice has Scott appointed black judges to the more prestigious trial court or circuit court, and both are in Miami-Dade County: Eric Hendon and Rodney Smith in 2012. Thirteen of Scott’s 14 choices for district courts of appeal judges are white and the other is Hispanic (read the full article here).

Alvin Moore Endorsed By Former Candidate Patricia Rumph

WINTER PARK – Eatonville Vice Mayor Alvin Moore is pleased to have received the endorsement of Patricia Rumph, a former opponent, in his race for Orange County Commission.

“I think Alvin will be the best person to meet the needs of all the residents in District 2.” Rumph said, “I have seen his efforts to provide activities for children and reduce crime in Eatonville, we need that throughout the District. I have gotten to observe him over this past year and know he is ready to lead and will restore and protect our neighborhoods.”

The top issue both candidates want to address is public safety. Vice Mayor Moore vowed to work closely with the Sheriff to address residents concerns and seek community solutions. Another issue that both candidates agree on is that resources need to be shared throughout the District. They both shared with each other conversations with residents in Lockhart, Ocoee, Pine Hills, South Apopka and Zellwood who feel they didn’t have the attention of past Commissioners.

“Ms. Rumph is a class act, she offered me her congratulations for moving forward to the runoff.” Vice Mayor Moore said,“Last week we met and had a chance to discuss issues that we both thought were important to the voters in District 2. After sharing her concerns Ms. Rumph offered her support going forward.”

Rumph will be one of the people Vice Mayor Moore will turn to for counsel on issues effecting the District. Ms. Rumph has experience in the community and knowledge of the County administration based on her serving on County Advisory Boards – Affordable Housing, Children and Family Services, Citizen’s Review, Community Development and Minority/Women’s Business Enterprise.

“Ms. Rumph always conducted her campaign in a professional manner and raised issues important to residents in District 2. I admire her career with the Department of Corrections, we need people who are willing to do the tough jobs and give back to our community.” Vice Mayor Moore added, “In an election where women won every local race or went on to a November run-off except in District 2, I am honored to have the support of Ms. Rumph. I respect the power of women voters because my mother, mother-in-law and wife(who runs my business) wouldn’t have it any other way.”


BACKGROUND: Alvin Moore faces a runoff in November to replace term limited Commissioner Fred Brummer. Currently, he is the Vice Mayor for the Town of Eatonville. He is the Broker/Owner of Morehouse Realty, a real estate brokerage that specializes in property management and sales. Morehouse Realty manages 300 homes and employs 10 people. Moore previously worked in banking for SunTrust, Chase and AmSouth. He has a BA in Business from Howard University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Central Florida. Alvin and his wife Syreeta have two children.




NAACP Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On September 13, 1994, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was signed into law, forging a national commitment to keep every American safe. At a time when many considered domestic abuse to be a private family matter and victims were left to suffer in silence, this law enshrined a simple promise: every American should be able to pursue a measure of happiness free from the fear of harm.

From Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO:

“Since it was first enacted in 1994 with strong NAACP support, the Violence Against Women Act has helped thousands of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault across our country, and has been instrumental in reducing annual rates of domestic violence. Twenty years after the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, we have come a long way, but there is still much work to do. The NAACP will continue working with the Obama Administration to enforce these continued protections, especially for women of color, who experience the highest reported rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the country. We commend Vice President Joe Biden for his tireless leadership on this issue.”

From Hilary O. Shelton, Sr. Vice President for Policy and Advocacy, Washington Bureau Director:

“Twenty years ago, the NAACP worked very closely with then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden to address the scourge of violence against women in the United States. Because of our work with now Vice President Biden, we have reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act three times to help ensure that women of all races and ethnicities throughout the country receive the equal protection our Constitution guarantees. Because of this historic piece of legislation, we now have a permanent office in the Department of Justice that helps not only implement the crucial provisions of the law, but also oversees programs specifically created to help end an epidemic of violence that has in all too many cases resulted in death. The NAACP looks forward to its continued partnership with Vice President Biden and the Department of Justice to help achieve the Violence Against Women Act’s full implementation.” (Source: NAACP.org)

Day 143 Tainted Money Hostage Crisis Update

WINTER PARK – Yesterday, 143 days after being asked by Eatonville Vice Mayor Alvin Moore to return tainted contributions from Scott Batterson and developer Jim Palmer, who are linked to the “Culture of Corruption” at the Expressway Authority, State Rep. Bryan Nelson says he “…finalized our contribution of $2000..to Evans Community School.” This claim adds to number of times Rep. Nelson says he has given the tainted money back. “When I raised this issue in April, I had no idea it would take Rep. Nelson this long to do the right thing and give that tainted money back.” Vice Mayor Alvin Moore said, “I look forward to seeing his finance report to see if he is telling the truth this time.”  Rep. Nelson, who voted for Governor Rick Scott’s budget that cut $1.3 billion from education, attempts to make up for it with a token contribution with dirty money.

  1. In April when asked about the contributions Rep. Nelson claimed the funds would be returned after he would return from the Legislative session in Tallahassee.
  2. In May, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs said she would return $13,500 in Batterson/Palmer linked donations. Rep. Nelson was quoted as saying he would also return $2000.
  3. In August, after Scott Batterson was convicted of Bribery, Vice Mayor Moore again called for Rep. Nelson to return all the tainted money. Rep. Nelson claims he had done so already with a $250 donation to Evans High School on May 20 as documented by his campaign finance report.  
  4. On September 5 at the Tiger Bay Forum, when asked why he had not returned the tainted money Rep. Nelson said he had already done so. But there was no evidence listed on his campaign finance reports to date showing $2000 being returned.
  5. Yesterday, September 14, Rep. Nelson’s Facebook campaign page said “The Nelson’s have been supporters of this organization(Evans Community School) for a long time and, yesterday, finalized our contribution of $2,000…” This makes the third time Rep. Nelson says he has returned money from now convicted briber Scott Batterson and developer Jim Palmer.  Can we believe him?

Nelson returns Batterson linked contributions.jpg

Lonnie Thompson, 407-719-2356

Your Florida Political Poll of the Week: Pam Bondi (43%), George Sheldon(35%), Bill Wohlsifer (6%)

According to the Sunshine State News, Pam Bondi Beats George Sheldon and Bill Wohlsifer in New Poll. Public Policy Polling (PPP), a firm with connections to prominent Democrats, released a poll on Tuesday showing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi with a comfortable lead over her rivals. (read the full article here).

Latest Civil Rights News Of The Week: From Ferguson to the Atlanta Hawks to the NAACP

As groups donate funds to rebuild Ferguson, police prevents an interstate shutdown and an “Arrest Him Now” campaign becomes the focus of civil rights activists. Meanwhile, activists in Atlanta are having to deal with the Hawks not coming to the table concerning racially charged comments. The Atlanta NAACP is also facing challenges with the state’s voter registration fraud inquiry.

Here’s the Latest Civil Rights News of the week.

Reuters: St. Louis groups donating funds to Ferguson schools, shops

BizPac Review/KSDK: Heavy police presence, arrests stop protesters from shutting down interstate near Ferguson

CBS Local: Atlanta Civil Rights Activists Offended After Hawks Cancel Meeting On Racially-Charged Statements

Atlanta Journal Constitution: NAACP, others protest state’s inquiry over voter registration fraud