6-20-17: Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume discuss the Georgia Special Election race ... Tucker: Democrats Still Don't Know Why They Keep Losing

Republicans fended off Democrats on Tuesday in special elections for a pair ...
Anti-Trump anger on the left fails at the ballot box

The Democrats lost two more special elections Tuesday, making The Resistance ...
Democrats Lose Again: Suffer Crushing $26 Million Georgia Defeat
Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders says "unprecedented" actions by his supporters ... Bernie Sanders tells supporter to act in 'unprecedented' ways to thwart Rep ...
Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich on Joy Reid’s comments about the shooting ... Media Bias: Joy Reid blames GOP for divisive rhetoric
The Daily Caller’s Katie Frates and WOR radio talk show host Mark Simone on ... Rice unmasking case to be locked in Obama library for 5 years
Circa News national security correspondent Sara Carter on why Republican lawmakers ... Why Republican senators want Loretta Lynch to testify

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